Monday, April 9, 2012


A beautiful story of Kristie's home birth on Great Barrier Island.  It sounds like such a peaceful and calm birth...I love how she describes the midwife coming in and unobtrusively having a cuppa.  And I can't think of anything better then Peanut M&M's at the end!

Stefan was 4 days "overdue".   I spent a lot of time by myself up on the green hill looking over the sea, to feel like I had the 'space' - I had to keep saying to myself that it was God's timing, and I took the phone off the hook.

About 2am Saturday morning, Sept 10th, I started contracting mildly in my sleep, so I just slept and looked at the clock every now and then - I told Johann, and he went to get the pool out. We had an inflatable pool ready, which he put it in our lounge room with the couch facing it. He rigged up the hot water and the towels and the heater. The contractions weren't intense - actually they never were. They weren't regular so we didn't call the island midwife till 5am when they were closer to 6 minutes apart - we thought we should contact her just in case it started happening really quickly! The boys were still asleep.

At 5am I thought "Right, better get it moving", so I got out of bed and started walking around a bit, or sitting upright on the couch with all the cushions around me.  I was sitting quietly by the light of the gas heater and tried a few different positions like on my knees leaning against the couch.
Adele came in as it was dawn.  She sat unobtrusively nearby and had a cuppa.  I was thinking I wasn't progressing because the contractions weren't intense or too close together.  Johann pressed on the small of my back for a few contractions which helped. I found I was just able to breath normally the whole time, and I didn't really feel like I needed to vocalise.

About 7am I felt an urge to get in the pool and just stretched out in the warm water for a while, leaning against the padded sides.  About this time we could hear the boys waking up, and we sent them off to a neighbours house with their packed bag.  Johann got in the pool and sat behind me, giving me a flannel for my face and sips of water.  I asked the midwife to see how far I was dilated and she said 6 or 7 cms. I prayed that God would progress the labour (Stefan was born half an hour later).  We had worship music playing in the background and I found myself singing in between.  The contractions were never intense but I could feel my body starting to gear up to push.  I told Adele, who was surprised!  I had one push and then with the second one Stefan's head was quickly born, but withouttearing. I touched Stefan's head in the water, with all his hair. With all the adrenaline racing I made myself relax. My body went into another push and Stefan was born - I reached down and lifted him up onto me - he was slippery with vernix coating so Johann and Adele helped me lift him up out of the water onto my chest.  We covered him with a warm towel while he lay against me. He had a bit of a cry and Mummy gave him the first kiss (and the second - and the third).  After a while I stood to deliver the placenta but I got cold, so I went back down into the warm water -  it came immediately as I was leaning against the sides of the pool.  Adele commented later that she was surprised at how clean the water was.  We got out, dried off and sat on the couch for a cuddle and a photo.  The Peanut M&M's and juice came out, and Stefan had a feed too.  He was born at 7.55 am, 3.6 kgs and 53 cms.


Lauren M. said...

Hooray! You're back! I missed you! More stories, please!

Birth Stories said...

Thanks Lauren! :) We've been busy with our own babies recently, I have a 14 week old baby girl...birth story coming soon. We're hoping to slowly get back into the blog now!

Lauren M. said...

Well then congratulations on your new little ray of sunshine!

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